Media city uk 

Regeneration of a redundant waterfront site to provide home for BBC in the north and themed on Media businesses with district energy throughout. MediaCityUK is a modern, major development situated on a huge waterfront site at Salford Quays, connected by a short tram journey to central Manchester. MediaCityUK was developed and is being managed by Peel Media, a division of the Peel Group with an in investment in phase one of £550 million with a future phase 2 currently proceeding in phases as new buildings are required.

The development is served by its own  new district energy scheme which serves Media City with electricity, heat and cooling. It is commonly referred to as a ‘Tri-generation scheme’.The tri-generation system includes a 2 MWe gas fired CHP unit and 18 MW (thermal) heating and ‘back up’ boilers with resilience built in and supplies electricity, heat and cooling to tenants around the development.
The modular design of the energy system provides a number of benefits including cost saving phased installation, flexible operation and maintenance and adaptability for future proofing and changes in fuel sources.

The district energy system capitalises on the whole development as a ‘total asset’ and the use of the natural surrounding environment to assist in achieving very ambitious environmental targets. The scheme as a whole has been certified as an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM Community development which means the whole site achieves the highest rating in the sustainable sectors which include social, economic and environmental criteria.